Welcome to our Ministry with MINTS from St. Louis: Theology "Schools without Walls"

We want to share with you the work we are beginning in the Lord's service with MINTS (Miami INTernational Seminary), beginning in July 2014.

We are now happy to be in the "inner" suburbs of St. Louis (University City, MO), entering into new commitments, friendships, and work as we look toward 2014 We are grateful for all those who stood with us over the past ten years and hope to keep them informed of new events from time to time here.

MINTS is a mission organization dedicated since 2000 to providing sound theological training to nationals by using many accessible, local extension centers throughout the world ("schools without walls"). By this means, many pastors who cannot leave family, work and ministry for a costly, lengthy degree program can receive a seminary degree closer to home. Short, standardized on-site courses are combined with distance education over the Internet to promote cost-effective instruction. You can learn more about MINTS here: www.mints.edu.

John plans to use his eight years' experience at African Bible University, Kampala, to develop liberal arts curriculum for the MINTS degree program. Perhaps in the future this would lead to teaching short courses in Africa or elsewhere in the English-language world.

Please pray for the Wiltbanks as they take up this exciting new work.


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